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Printing Delinquent Notices


Use this procedure to print delinquent (or "second") notices for:

Delinquent notices list 3 months of tax due amounts, starting with the notice date month.



  1. In PACS Collections, choose Activities > Assessment > Delinquent Tax Functions > Print Delinquent Notice.

    The Print Delinquent Notice dialog box is displayed.

    delinq print 8.1.02.x

  2. In the Property Selection section, choose one of the following options to select records for which to print notices:
  3. In the Bill Options section, choose a value for the year. You can choose current and/or delinquent years:
  4. In the Bill Options section, use the following options as required:
  5. In the Include Property with section, either do not select the Property Types check box to include delinquent notices for all property types, or select the check box and choose a specific group of property types to include.
  6. If required, in the Exclude Property with section, select exemptions for which notices should not be printed. (That is, if a bill is due on a property with an exemption that you specify, and a delinquent notice will not be created for the property.)
  7. Make selections in the Notice Options section as required, including:
  8. Click one of the following options: