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Step 6- Undoing the Creation of Bills (8.1.09.x)


Use this activity if a mistake was made during the creation of bills (for example, if an entity was mapped incorrectly).


  1. Choose Activities > Assessment > Levy Functions > Rendition Processing > Undo Create Bills.

    The Undo Create Rendition Penalty Bills dialog box is displayed.

    Note Only CADs for whom you have created bills are available in the CAD drop-down list.

  2. Choose the year from the Year drop-down list
  3. In the CAD drop-down list, choose the CAD you are undoing bill creation for.
  4. Click Undo Create Bills.

    A message is displayed indicating that the tax bills are being deleted.

  5. Click OK to respond to the prompt that the bills have been deleted.


The system has been cleared of the bills created incorrectly.

You can now correct the issue that caused bills to be incorrect, and recreate BPP bills.