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Fields Band

The Fields band contains a hierarchical listing of field selections that are commonly used.

The hierarchy is structured with categories at the highest level, followed by subcategories and fields at the lowest level. In some cases, subcategories are nested within subcategories.

When you enable tooltips (Settings > Tooltips Enabled), if you place your cursor over a field name, the tooltip displays the table name to the left of the dot, and the field name to the right of the dot. It also displays a description and sample data.


Important We recommend that users select fields from within a category when creating queries. Only users with advanced knowledge of SQL and the PACS database architecture should select fields across categories.

Tables Band

The Tables band allows advanced users who have a thorough understanding of SQL and the PACS architecture to select fields for a query directly from the PACS database tables.

Clicking the plus sign (+) next to a table name displays the specific fields in a table that you can select to create a query.

My Queries Band

The My Queries band displays queries that you saved previously. You can access and run queries saved previously as often as needed.