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Processing Supplement Refunds


Use this procedure to generate a refund for a taxpayer.


The user right Generate Refund is assigned to your user ID.


  1. Open the property.
  2. In the Views drop-down list, select Bills.

    The refunds due are displayed.

  3. Select the negative bills you need to process as a refund, and then click Move to Refund Cart.

    The Refund Cart window is displayed.

  4. Click Generate Refund.

    The Generate Refund window is displayed.

  5. If applicable, type the check number.
  6. Verify that the batch displayed is the correct batch to use.
  7. Under Refund To, select the person who should receive the refund.
  8. Click OK.


A refund receipt is generated, which you can give to the person in your office who processes refund checks.