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Balancing Adjusted Certified Totals


Use this procedure to balance imported appraisal data after you have accepted the supplement group.

Important Caution Icon To successfully complete this procedure, make sure that all values balance as required. If you encounter issues in balancing the values, contact Harris Govern Client Services.


You must have the user right Supplement Administrator assigned to your user ID.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose Activities> Assessment > Supplement Functions > Supplement Group Maintenance. Right-click a supplement group and choose Details.
  2. Click Print Totals.

    The Print Adjusted Certified Totals dialog box is displayed.

    Print Adjusted Certified Totals dialog, 01

  3. Select the required Year and the As of Supp # from the drop-down lists.
  4. If you import from only one CAD that is also your home CAD, then do not select Print by Query, and skip down to step 8. Otherwise, select Print by Query and continue with step 5.
  5. Select the entities.

    Note Balance totals for each year, and for each entity in the supplement group.

  6. Select Print Grand Totals.
  7. In the Query field, type the following:

    select prop_id from property_val where cad_id = 'XXXXX' and prop_val_yr = 'YYYY'

    Note In a few instances, the query may be different than the one displayed above. If TA provided you with a different query, use it.

  8. Repeat this procedure as required for each year that is in the supplement group.

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