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Step 11- Matching Unmatched Properties for the Appraisal Data Import


Use this procedure to match properties that were not matched to existing property records during the import, and to ensure that the unmatched properties do not exist on your database.

CautionCaution Icon It is important to review all properties that are listed, and match as many properties as possible prior to continuing with the import. This step will ensure that duplicate properties are not created for the current year.

Note Duplicates could result in erroneous tax certificates being issued or delinquent taxes not being paid if a second account exists for prior years.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose File > Import > Appraisal Data.

    The Appraisal Import List is displayed.

  2. Select the import run, right-click and choose Match Unmatched Properties.

    The Appraisal Import Match Unmatched Properties window is displayed. This window displays all properties that could not be matched to properties in your PACS Collections database.

    Supp Appraisal Data Import, Matching Unmatched Props, 8109x

  3. Review the list and match any unmatched property using the following steps:
    1. Highlight a property and click Match.

      The Select Property Wizard window is displayed.

    2. Click Search.

      The Find Property dialog box is displayed.

    3. Enter criteria to locate existing properties on your system, such as owner name, legal, or even geo id. Then click Search.

      Note When matching by Geo ID, if a property being imported from the CAD has a Geo ID that exists on more than one tax office property, PACS does not automatically match to one or the other property. The eligible matches display in the list of unmatched properties and you must manually match it.

      The Select Property Wizard window is displayed with properties that match the search criteria.

    4. If any of the displayed properties match, highlight the line that features the matching Property ID. Then click Finish.The status of the previously unmatched property is displayed as Matched in the Status column.

      If a property is not found or the properties on the screen do not match, then select “Cancel” and the system will not match this property. When the Merge steps are completed a new property will be created on your system. This property should have the same prop_id as the one assigned to the Central Appraisal District. Once either of the above options are completed the Supplemental Import screen will display.

    Repeat steps a through d above as required for each unmatched property. Multiple searches may be necessary to match some properties.

  4. If you need to remove a match, select a line with the status Matched. Then click the Unmatch button.

    Note When you select a line for a property that has already been matched, the text on the button changes from Match to Unmatch.

Next Steps

You can repeat this procedure multiple times until the number of properties matched is satisfactory.

We recommend matching as many properties as possible to keep each property's taxes consolidated under one account.


If the PACS property you select has already been matched to another imported property, a message is displayed indicating that a different PACS property must be selected in order to view the property being mapped to. You can exit the export menu and open the property record. Then, select the Data Imports tab and review the mapping.

An alternative message may display, indicating that the property is not a Collections-only property. This means the property that you are attempting to map the imported property to is not a Collections-only property, but one entered by your home CAD. This instance is addressed in the next section.