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Certified Appraisal Data Import

The Appraisal Data Import process allows you to import data from an appraisal district for a single year, match the imported properties with existing properties, and then merge the data into your database.

This process is separate from Levy Processing, therefore, you do not need to wait until you set up levy rates in your system to perform the Appraisal Data Import. We recommend promptly importing the certified data once you receive it, waiting until levy to do the import may cause delays.

After importing certified data, supplemental data (new additions, changes, and/or deletions) can then be imported and balanced either for a single year or multiple certified years. For more information, see Supplemental Appraisal Data Import.

Note: Levy roll totals are generated as of the last import for the current year that was placed onto your system.

In This Section

PDF File: Certified Appraisal Data Import User Guide

Topic Revisions: Appraisal Data Import

Checklist: Certified Appraisal Data Import

Step 1- Checklist: Before You Begin: Certified Appraisal Data Import (8.1.20.x)

Step 2- Checklist: Initial Setup for Certified Appraisal Data Import

Step 3- Checklist: Review Tax Rate Information for Appraisal Data Imports

Step 4- Downloading Appraisal Import Files

Step 5- Printing and Balancing Totals Reports from the CAD

Step 6- Updating the Newly Certified Year

Step 7- Importing Certified Appraisal Data

Step 8- Balancing the Appraisal Data Import Report

Step 9- Matching Imported Appraisal Data (8.1.20.x)

Step 10- Viewing Match Statistics for the Appraisal Import (optional)

Step 11- Matching Unmatched Properties for the Appraisal Data Import

Step 12- Setting Up Property ID Mappings

Step 13- Undoing the Appraisal Data Import

Step 14- Merging Imported Appraisal Data

Step 15- Balancing Totals for the Appraisal Data Import

Step 16- Accepting a Supplement Group

Step 17- Run Monitor for Non-Imported CAD Properties

Step 18-Balancing Adjusted Certified Totals

Maintaining an Appraisal Data Import Log