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Overview: Collections Supplement Processing

Supplement processing in PACS Collections Release 8.0 involves the creation of bills, the generation of supplement statements, and the printing of supplement statements.

This document provides information about collections supplement processing for the activities required by your site.


For tax offices that share a database with the appraisal district, and for tax offices that receive supplement data as an import or overlay of data from the appraisal district on a regular basis, information is provided about the following activities:

For tax offices that receive a certified load from the appraisal district once a year, information is also provided about:

In addition, information is provided about modifying bills separately from traditional supplement processing.

Property Records in Supplement Mode

A supplement is a correction to a property record in a certified year. A property record for a certified year can be changed only in supplement mode.

When a property record is placed in supplement mode, the system makes a copy of the property with a new supplement number, and then opens the property record so that changes can be made.

If you work with a partner appraisal district, the supplement administrator at the appraisal district closes supplement groups at intervals, and then sends the property records to your tax office so that your staff can create the bills and print correct supplemental tax statements.

Supplements and Supplement Groups

If you a member of a tax office that receives a certified load from your partner appraisal district once a year and you need to make changes to the roll manually throughout the rest of the year, a numbering system for supplement groups and supplements allows you to manage property records changed in supplement mode.

PACS uses supplement groups to contain the supplement changes. A supplement group contains one or more supplements, although only one supplement for any particular year may be contained in a single supplement group. A supplement can contain any number of property records, and a property record can be moved from one supplement to another as needed.

Supplement and Supplement Group Numbering

System numbering for supplements is separate from system numbering for supplement groups. In the screen below, the circled area displays a selection for supplement 2 for a given year within supplement group 130.


As shown in the table below, supplement groups contain one or more supplements, and supplement numbers:

Supplement Number

Certified Year

Supplement Group Number














Acceptance of Supplement Group or Individual Supplement

If you are a supplement administrator for a tax office that shares a server and database with an appraisal district, or if you are a Collections-only client that supplements properties, you can either accept a supplement at the group level, or you can accept and create bills at the individual property level.

If you accept a supplement group, the entire group is accepted as a whole and the bills are created for all properties within the group. For more information, see Accepting a Supplement Group.

If you choose the option Accept & Create Bills for Supplement for an individual supplemented property, bills are created for the single property and you can then print a corrected tax statement at the individual property level. For more information, see Accepting a Supplement for a Single Property.

Note Supplement groups must be accepted in the order in which they were created.

Bill Creation

You create supplement bills for each supplement group, which can contain multiple years' supplements in the group.

You must create bills for each supplement group in order. That is, the group with the oldest accepted data that has not had bills created yet should be the first group for which you create bills. The next group for which you create bills should be the group with the next oldest accepted date.

You continue working with the supplement groups in this way, progressing until you have reached the most recently accepted group.

For more information, see Creating Bills for a Supplement Group.