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Configuring the HS Wizard Default Settings


Use this procedure to configure the default selections in the HS Wizard and set the default code and reason for modifying exemptions in the supplement process.


Supplement codes have been set up under Tools > Code File Maintenance > General > Supplemental Codes.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose Tools > System Settings > Set HS Wizard Default Settings.

    The HS Wizard Default Settings dialog box is displayed.

  2. To include all land segments and improvements in the total market value of the property, select Set all Improvements and Land to Homesite.

    Exemption Process, HS wizard default

  3. In the OV65 Exemption Options section, choose the default action for granting OV65 exemptions from the following options:
  4. In the Supplements section, select the default code and enter the reason to display when entering the supplement process.
  5. Click OK.