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Using the Refund Due Report


Use this report to review a list of refunds that are due.

When using the Mass Post Refund Wizard, we recommend generating this report before using the wizard so that you will have a list of refunds to refer to.

When supplement processing, you can use this report to review supplement codes and reasons, such as late file exemptions, to determine whether to issue refunds based on the reasons.

This report supports compliance with Section 42.43 of the Texas Property Tax Code which requires that tax offices generate refunds in a timely manner.


When supplement process, you must have balance the supplement roll with the Modified Bill Report.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose Reports > Collections > Refund Due Report.

    The Print Refund Due Report dialog box is displayed.

    Collections Reports, Refund Due Report, 8109x

  2. Select the entity, the year of the bill that is due for a refund, and the end date.


  3. Click either Preview or Print.