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Setting Up the Letter


Use this procedure to set up a letter template to be applied when the associated letter is printed. With this procedure, you insert tags as required in the body of the text, which PACS will replace with data when the letter is generated. You can apply Microsoft Word formatting as needed.

If you already have content for a form letter that you want to paste into the body of the letter, you can do so.



  1. In PACS Collections, choose Tools > Letter Processing Maintenance > Letter Maintenance.
  2. In the Letter Maintenance dialog box, select the Letter Name and click Edit.
  3. In the Letter Details dialog box, click Edit Word Document to open the MergeWord document.
  4. Type text for the letter as required.

    Note All regular MS Word functionality is available in the MergeWord document.

  5. To insert a tag, which PACS will replace with the associated data when the letter is printed, click the cursor on the position for the tag within the letter. Then double-click the tag. Repeat as needed for other tags required for the letter.

    Letter Processing, WordMerge, Add Letter Tags (flex)


  6. To save the MergeWord document, click File > Save.
  7. When the letter template is complete, click File > Close to close the letter.