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Setting the Tax Statement Format for the New Tax Year


Use this activity to set the format for the new year tax statements, and to maintain the prior year statements in their correct format.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose Activities > Assessment > Tax Statement > Forms Maintenance.

    The Tax Statement Forms Maintenance window is displayed.

  2. The Default Format drop-down list is empty. Click Add.

    The Year Details window is displayed.

  3. In the Year drop-down list, select the year for which you are printing the tax statements for.
  4. In the Format drop-down list, select Form 2005 so that the 5-year history details will be included on the second page of the statement.
  5. In the Expire Format field it should remain blank and unchecked.
  6. If you receive a message that the Parameter is incorrect. Select OK and disregard this message. Continue to step 17, the message will not affect any items in the process.


The correct format is set for the individual tax years.