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Rendition Penalty Export


Use this procedure if you need to process penalties after the date on which your appraisal district sends the main appraisal export to the state.

By using the activity described below, you can send the rendition penalty data to the state on a date that falls after the main appraisal export.

Caution Caution Icon Do not change the name of the text file that is created upon completion of this procedure, or else PACS Collections will not be able to locate the file upon import. However, if needed, you can change the location where the file is saved.


  1. Choose Activities > Rendition Processing > Rendition Penalty Export.

    The Rendition Penalty Export dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the year for which to export the rendition penalty data.
  3. Specify the file path under which to save the file.
  4. Click Export.

    A message is displayed indicating that the system is processing the export.

  5. You are prompted to acknowledge that the export is complete for the year you selected. Click OK.


A text file is created, and can be sent to the collections office so that it may assess the penalty.