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Waiving the Penalty for Properties Under $20,000


Use this procedure if your appraisal district decides to waive the 10% penalty it collects for business owners who:


  1. Choose Activities > Rendition Processing > Waive 10.00% Penalty for Properties Under $20000.

    The Grant Penalty Waiver for Rendition Filing dialog box is displayed.

  2. If you would like comments to be associated with the waiver, type the comments in the bottom pane. Then click OK.

    Note The comments that you enter are displayed in the Penalty dialog box, which you accessed from the Rendition tab of the personal property record by clicking Penalty.

  3. You are prompted to acknowledge that the waiver has been granted. Click OK.


The penalty is waived in PACS Appraisal for business owners who meet the criteria listed above.