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Splitting the UDI Parent Property


Use this procedure when ownership of a property has been split and you need to assign ownership to the new portions.

The wizard cycles through each property record involved in the split starting with the original property record, followed by the other property records resulting from the split.

Caution Caution Icon Do not cancel the wizard once you have begun because later you may not be able to access the data you entered up to the point of cancellation. For example, if new property records are created and you cancel out of the wizard before completing all of the wizard screens for the new property records, you will not be able to access the new property records later.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, open the property.
  2. Choose Property > Split Property.

    The Split Wizard - General window is displayed.

  3. Under Legal Acres, verify that the number of acres is the correct amount for the property.
  4. Complete the following:
  5. Click Next.

    The Split Wizard - Legal/Geo window is displayed with the original property record in the first row, and the new property records resulting from the split in subsequent rows.

    Note The property IDs are system generated.


  6. In the Effective Acres column, enter the amounts for split:
    1. For the original property record, enter the number of acres that need to remain on the original property record.
    2. For each new property record, enter the remaining portion of the acreage that the new property will receive.
  7. Update the data as required for new property records:

    Caution Caution Icon The system automatically assigns the data from the original property record to the new property records. You must update the data in the new property records for the following categories manually:

  8. Select copy options as required:
  9. Click Next.

    The Split Wizard - Improvement/Land window is displayed on the original property record.

    Note The upper right corner contains information about the number of property records.

    The first number indicates which property record you are in. (The number 1 indicates that you are in the original property record; numbers 2 and higher indicate that you are in one of the new property records.)

    The second number indicates the total number of property records involved in the split.


  10. If required, change the following land and improvement values by doing the following:
  11. Click Next.

    The Split Wizard - Taxpayer window is displayed.

  12. If required, change the ownership of the property by doing the following as required:
  13. Click Next.

    The Split Wizard - Entities/Exemptions window is displayed.

  14. If required, adjust the entities and exemptions.
  15. If you need to change any entries for this property, click Back.

    CautionCaution Icon When you choose Next in the following step, the system restarts the wizard for the next property record, and you can no longer make changes to the property record that preceded it.

  16. Click Next.
  17. Repeat Steps 9-16 as required to access the Split Wizard - Improvement/Land window for the next property record that resulted from the split.

    After you have completed the wizard for all of the property records in the split, the Split Wizard - Summary window is displayed.

  18. Click Finish.

    The original property record is displayed.


The original property record has been modified with a reduced amount of acreage and now has links to the new property records.

In addition, new property records have been created for owners involved in the split.

For information about viewing the details of the split, see Viewing the Split Property Records.