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Removing a Child Property & Changing the Ownership Percentage


Use this procedure to remove a child property record from its parent property record and change the ownership percentages of remaining child properties.

Important You must open the parent property record and delete the child property from it. Do not open the child property record and select UDI-Remove Child from Parent.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, open the parent property record.
  2. Remove the child property record by doing the following.
    1. Click the Owner-Agent tab.
    2. In the Current Taxpayer section, select the child property record to be removed.

      Caution Caution Icon Before clicking Delete Owner in the next step, make sure you have selected the correct child property record to be removed. You will not have an opportunity to cancel your selection.

    3. Click Delete Owner.

      The child record is no longer displayed in the Current Taxpayer section of the parent property record.

  3. Change the ownership percentage of remaining child properties by doing the following:
    1. On the parent property record, click the Owner-Agent tab, and then select one of the remaining child properties.
    2. Click Percent Ownership.

      The Property Ownership Maintenance dialog box is displayed.

    3. Click Overall Percentage.
    4. Change the overall percentage to reflect the reduced number of child property records.
    5. Repeat for each of the remaining child properties.