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Supplement Appraisal Notices

Use these procedures to generate appraisal notices notifying customers that their property value has changed. The changes reported in the appraisal notices described within this section reflect changes your appraisal district made to the property records with supplement processing.

You can create supplement appraisal notices only for property records that are in supplement mode.

Supplement Group for Appraisal Notices Only

Caution Caution Icon Property records that need supplement appraisal notices should be placed in a supplement group to be used only for those property records that need supplement appraisal notices. This is because when you select a supplement group to print appraisal notices for, the system generates appraisal notices for all property records within the supplement group.

In This Section

Generating Supplement Appraisal Notices

Viewing Details of the Supplement Appraisal Notice Run

Deleting a Supplement Appraisal Notice Run