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Using the EX366 Special Entity Exemption Reports


Use these reports to review special entity exemptions for runs that have been merged. There are two reports:

The EX366 special entity exemption is granted when the total value of all properties for a particular owner is less than $500 for a given entity. If the total value of the properties for a particular owner is greater than or equal to $500, then none of the owner's properties is eligible for an EX366 exemption for any entity, even if the individual property value is less than $500.

These reports reflect only those properties owned by the owners included in the mineral import run for the years included in the run. Because the owners may own properties that were not part of the mineral import run, it is possible for those properties to also be included in the report.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose File > Import > Mineral/Personal Property.

    The Mineral Import List is displayed.

  2. Right-click the merged run and choose EX366 Report.

    The Mineral Import EX366 Reports dialog box is displayed.

    mineral reports ex366

  3. Select one of the reports. Then click Preview or Print.