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Step 12- Setting Up Property ID Mappings


Use this procedure to set up a property ID mapping from an existing property record in your system to a property ID used by an appraisal district.

You can use this procedure, for example, if you notice that a correction is required when you are matching unmatched properties, or if you receive information from the CAD indicating that a mapping should be set up for a property.

You can map to only one CAD from the property record, but you can set up multiple mappings for the CAD for different software vendors if required (for example, if an appraisal district changes vendors). If a CAD changes its vendor, then your office should leave the old mapping as is, and create a new mapping for the CAD and its new vendor.


  1. In PACS Collections, open a property record.
  2. Click the Data Imports tab. Then either click New to set up a new mapping, or select an existing mapping and click Details to change an existing mapping.

    The Appraisal Data Import Map dialog box is displayed.

    Certified Appraisal Data Import, Setting Up Prop, Import Map Dialog, 001

  3. Complete the following fields:
  4. Click OK.