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Creating Multiple Properties


Use this procedure to create multiple property records en masse. This feature is useful, for example, if you need to create multiple property records for a new subdivision.

Note If you would like to create multiple property records based on the contents of an existing property record (that is, a "master" property), use the Mass Create New Properties activity.



  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose File > New > Mass Property Creation.

    The Mass Create Properties: General dialog box is displayed.


  2. In the Property Count field, enter the number of new property records to be created.
  3. In the Abstract/Subdivision drop-down list, select the abstract/subdivision for the new property records.
  4. Enter the block number and in the Starting Lot field, enter the first lot number to be applied in the series of lot numbers to be used.
  5. If you need to append additional characters to the end of the legal descriptions that the system automatically builds for the new property records, enter the characters in the Additional Legal field. (For information about setting up the configuration for the automatic build, see Configuring Legal Descriptions.)
  6. In the Geo and Ref ID section, choose geo ID and ref ID options as required:
  7. Complete the options in the Situs section.
  8. Select the following land data options:


  9. If a split is required, specify the parent ID of the property record on which the split is to be based.
  10. Choose one of the Ownership History options as required:
  11. Click Next.

    The Mass Create Properties: Property Identification dialog box is displayed.

  12. In the top section of the dialog box, select and enter data that identifies the location of the property.
  13. In the Owner Info section, select the owner for the property records.
  14. In the Entities field, select the taxing entities for the properties.
  15. To add an event description to each property record, select Add Individual Event to Each Property. Then click Add Event to select the event description to be applied to the property records.
  16. Click Next.

    The Mass Create Properties: Property Breakdown dialog box is displayed.

  17. Review the list of properties that are about to be created. If you need to change or add data, select the line for the property record and enter information in the appropriate column.
  18. Click Finish. You are prompted to confirm that you are ready to create the properties in the data base. Click Yes.

    The Mass Create dialog box is displayed.

  19. Choose one of the following options: