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Managing Entity Assignments for Multiple Properties


Use this procedure to assign or remove one or more entity codes on multiple property records at the same time.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose Activities > Mass Maintenance > Entities on Properties.

    The Mass Update Entities dialog box is displayed.

  2. In the Year drop-down list, specify the year for the update.
  3. Complete one of the following options:
  4. In the bottom section, use one of the following options:
  5. If you want to create an event reflecting annexation or deannexation, select Create Event with Annexation or Deannexation.
  6. Click Count to review the number of property records to be updated.

    Note Ensure that the count is within a reasonable estimate. The count is not referring to properties but rather to the number of items to be updated. If a property has multiple improvements and you are updating all improvements, the count includes each individual improvement.

  7. To preview or print the Mass Entity Update Report after you click Update, select Print Report.

    Note The Mass Entity Update Report displays the property and geo IDs of updated properties as well as their legal descriptions and entity assignments.

  8. Click Update.