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Setting Up Letter Details


Use this procedure to:



  1. In Microsoft Word, select the PACS 9.0 Menu ribbon. Then click the Letter Processing Maintenance button and choose Letter Maintenance.

    Note When you click Letter Processing Maintenance for the first time, the map file is created, which is necessary for you to add, delete, or modify letters.

  2. In the Letter Maintenance dialog box, click Add. Add
  3. In the Letter Details dialog box, complete the following fields:

    Letter Details

  4. If you would like an event created for the record when the letter is printed, select Enable Event and choose the event to be applied from the Event drop-down list.
  5. To create flex fields, which are fields that you can use to supply data to be included in a letter at print time, in the Flex Fields panel, click Add. Add In the displayed row, enter a name for the field. Repeat to add more flex fields as required.

    Note You specify a value for a flex field when the letter is printed.

  6. Click OK or Apply.