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Drawing Using the Mouse


Use this procedure to draw a sketch using the mouse.


  1. If you do not need to associate the sketch with an improvement detail at this time, proceed to the next step. If you do need to associate the sketch with an improvement detail, select the required improvement detail from the sketch grid.
  2. Click Exterior Wall. sketch button wall exterior
  3. Click the cursor (displayed as +) on the point at which you need to start the first line.

    Note A green circle is displayed after you click the starting point. sketch buttton green circle

  4. Drag the displayed line to the required length. Click again to set the end point of the wall.
  5. Continue either by dragging to another end point for an adjacent wall, or click a third time to stop drawing.
  6. Use other Sketch Pad tools as required. For information about the tools that are available, see Toolbar at Left of Sketch Pad Window and Toolbar at Top of Sketch Pad Window.