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Drawing Adjacent Areas


Use this procedure to create a sketch of an area that shares a wall with another area, or to split an area of an existing sketch.


  1. Open the property for which you need to create a sketch.
  2. Open the property's Improvement panel.
  3. Open the improvement and click Details. Details icon
  4. In the Improvement dialog box, click Sketches.
  5. In the Sketch Pad window, create sketch areas.
  6. Use the Exterior Wall tool sketch button wall exterior to create a line within an existing area. For example:

    sketch_shared wall

    Note If you want to create a point on an exterior wall at which the shared wall should start, right-click the exterior wall and choose Wall > Split Here.

Next Steps

Use the Associating a Sketch to an Improvement Detail procedure to associate the sketch of the area you just created with an improvement detail.


Sketch Pad automatically completes the adjacent area, and displays its total square footage and perimeter.