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Entering GRM/GIM Data


Use this procedure to value a property based on the GRM (Gross Rent Multiplier) and GIM (Gross Income Multiplier) method. GRM and GIM are often used to appraise properties that generate income by renting units, such as an apartment complex.



  1. Open a property, then expand the Income Valuations and Characteristics panel.
  2. In the Income Valuation grid, either select an income valuation and click Details Details icon to access an existing income valuation, or click Add Add to create a new income valuation.
  3. In the Income Details dialog box, expand the GRM/GIM Approach panel.

    Note The Schedule column pulls values from GRM/GIM schedules set up in PACS.ADMIN. For more information, see Creating Income GRM/GIM Schedules.

  4. In the Direct column, enter a value for one of the following rows as needed:

    Income, Income Details, GRM-GIM Approach panel

  5. In the Direct column, enter a value for one of the following rows as needed:
  6. Click Recalculate to populate missing values.
  7. To search for comparable properties, click Get Proforma Data. Then use the following options as required:
  8. Note that the data at bottom of the Pro Forma Search dialog box changes as you add and remove properties to the grid. Adjust the list of properties in the grid as required. Then click OK.
  9. If your system is configured to display land and improvement data, enter the following values as required:
  10. Use the following additional options as required: